Saturday, September 3, 2005


I had a hard time doing this week's homework.  Scalzi asked:

Weekend Assignment #75: Write a note to those who are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Take a picture of yourself and the note. Post it online where everyone can see. Write on a whiteboard, a piece of paper, a notepad, whatever.

Which seems amazingly straightforward and easy, and yet when I got around to doing it, I couldn't think of anything to actually say.  Me.  My wordy self.  Actually struck dumb when called upon to say something.  I looked at all the other messages people had written in response to the assignment (hoping for inspiration) and nothing managed to capture my own personal emotions.

And then, after midnight tonight, I finally stumbled upon this and all of a sudden, I knew what I needed to say.

And it's a little too wordy to fit on a tidy little sign.  And my 2:00-in-the-morning-hold-my-arm-out-in-front-of-myself-and-aim-for-a-picture-with-me-and-the-sign-in-it skills weren't up to the task, as fourteen shots of the top of my head and half the sign testify.  Nor, apparently, could I take the shot without glare on the message board -- at least, not without losing resolution, which is worse.  But, for now, this is what I've got.



emmapeeldallas said...

GREAT note.


monponsett said...

I'm French and I have never served in any army, but I'd go to to that Army jail in Leavenworth before I shot someone in NO who was stealing food. If they were stealing VCRs however, I'd shoot them twice.