Monday, October 3, 2005


For Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot, he asks for pictures of critters.

As it happens, I saw plenty of critters on the Grand Canyon trip, so I here pause in the retelling to post this here photo of some ... sheep?  goats?  I don't know what they heck they are, frankly.  (They're not deer -- that's just an awkwardly placed branch, not antlers.)

We also saw a male ... whatever the heck it is


Clearly, zoology is not my strong suit.


dklars said...

Hmmm ... is that a mountain goat?  I didn't realize we had those here in AZ.

dornbrau said...

Looks like some big horn sheep although I'm not sure if they are Desert, or Rocky Mountain.
We have them up here but I've not seen them in the wild yet.  They like steep mountainsides.  I don't!