Friday, October 7, 2005

This week's homework: The clean joke

(We interrupt the ongoing tale of my Grand Canyon trip, for a humor break.)

For this week's homework, Scalzi asks:

Weekend Assignment #80: Share a favorite joke. Keep it clean, of course. Otherwise, go nuts.

I've been told that it is necessary to always have at one's disposal one clean joke and one dirty joke.  I here present the clean one:

So there's this burglar who breaks into a house.  As he starts gathering up all the valuables in the house, he hears this voice say:

"Jesus is watching you."

He looks around, but has no idea where the voice is coming from.  He goes back to what he was doing, throwing more stuff into his bag.

"Jesus is watching you."

Looks around again.  Still can't figure out the source of the voice.  He's a little weirded out, but he continues with his theft.

"Jesus is watching you."

He has just about HAD it.  He puts the bag down and takes a good long look.  Finally, he sees it -- a parrot in a cage.  He walks over to the bird and sees a little label on the cage reading, "Moses."  He laughs.  "What kind of a moron names his talking bird 'Moses'?"

The parrot replies, "The same kind who names his pit bull 'Jesus.'"


starlite8302 said...

love it!!

ravenlark2 said...

Oh too funny. I'll have to remember this one. It's excellent! LMHO


emmapeeldallas said...

LOL!  That's my kind of humor!


pixiedustnme said...

too funny!

asgluskin said...

ummmm......ok....decent but not great

andreakingme said...

Bwahahahaha! Z Girl, you've been trumped by a troll. Too funny.

nzforme said...

Well, yes, I do wonder why someone would take the problem to comment only to give me an "ehh," but hey, not a problem.

Besides, I never said it was my BEST joke -- that's the dirty one.

andreakingme said...

Am I sick because I still come back here to laugh at the troll's comment?