Friday, August 4, 2006

I Blame Microsoft

I have a couple of email accounts that are, or -- more precisely -- have been spam-free.  This because I don't let them out on the internet.  Actually, I let them out on the internet quite a lot, but only when I'm buying stuff from reputable companies.  Companies that don't sell their customer lists to people who want me to buy their penny stocks or penis enlargers.

The other day, I was playing Bespelled over at, and I stupidly wanted it to save my high score so that I'd have a record of it.  (Idiot.  Should've just written it down if was that important.)  So I registered with msn using one of those spam-free address.

Two or three days later, and I've got spam coming out of my ears.  There's nobody else I can blame for this -- nowhere else that the address has been so that one of those annoying bots could get to it.  This was totally because I registered with msn.  Weasels.

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