Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Still Not Chad

Cell phone rang around 4:30.


"Hi.  Can I talk to Chad?"

"I'm sorry.  You have the wrong number."

"Oh, OK."

Cell phone rang again at 7:30


"Can I talk to Chad?"

"I already told you.  I'm not Chad.  You have the wrong number."

Around 11:07, I took my phone out to recharge it.  Two missed calls.  11:00 and 11:01.  Both from the number of Chad's friend.  I wait with the phone next to me.  It does not disappoint.  11:10

"Look.  I'm not Chad.  Stop calling this number."

"Well who is this?"

"What did you say?"


11:12.  Phone rings again.

"Still not Chad."


11:21.  Rings again.  I'm about to go into my "Call this number again and I call the police" spiel but she hangs up upon hearing my voice.


memes121 said...

This is better than a soap opera! Tammy

helmswondermom said...

What do you want to bet Chad gets an earful when she does finally get hold of him!