Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Uh, um, well, this is embarassing

See, for the past week or so, I've been looking for the Victoria's Secret gift card I'd ordered for my sister.  I've looked everywhere.  I couldn't find the damn thing, and I eventually just bought a replacement one at the store, so I could give it to her on Christmas.

And every time I went looking for it, I'd think, "Where did I put that?  I know I received it."  And I'd think, "I would've put it in the closet with all the other presents."  And I looked high and low for it.  I pulled everything off the closet shelves and looked behind, thinking maybe the gift card & envelope they'd sent had maybe slipped behind the shelving.

And, of course, when I'd come across the flat, vaguely calendar-shaped thing, I'd think, "That's the 'Lost' calendar" and just move right on past it.  Never even thinking that the return address of "VSD" might have been, oh, significant.

Yeah, right.  So when I get the 'Lost' calendar at work today and realize that the parcel in my closet cannot, in fact, be the 'Lost' calendar, I pull the parcel off the shelf, see the "VSD" and think, "Oh.... crap."

I'd never even opened it.  (It all rushes back to me now.)  When it came, I had realized that it was the gift card for my sister, so I correctly put it in my closet with all the other presents (thinking it was safer remaining in its original packaging rather than as a loose card).  My mistake, obviously, was in completely forgetting this and instead thinking it must be the 'Lost' calendar.

So, now, besides having a spare 'Lost' calendar on my hands, I now have a second Victoria's Secret gift card.  Anyone up for a gift exchange?


lanurseprn said...

Take the gift card and go buy yourself something pretty!  You deserve it!  Plus, they might have some sales going on now.

helmswondermom said...

I agree with Pam!  Treat yourself with the gift card.  As for the "Lost" calendar, I have no idea!