Friday, December 8, 2006

What's worse than finding cat barf on the floor?

Not finding cat barf on the floor.

This morning, just as my alarm goes off, I hear what I think is a clicking noise.  Is this Jasmine playing with the new clicking toy I just bought her?  No, this is Jasmine's insides doing a reverse on her food.  I know this because I see a little pile of cat barf next to her by my bedroom door.

She walks out of the bedroom.  I immediately hear the clicking noise again.

I hit the snooze for a bit, and finally haul myself out of bed 45 minutes later.  I'm going to clean up the cat barf (obviously).  Want to find the other pile so I know what I'm dealing with (and whether she nailed the new carpet).  Check the hallway:  no barf.  The guest bathroom:  barf free.  The office:  nada.  I'm pretty sure she didn't get all the way to the living room or kitchen, but I check there, too.  Still no barf.

I see her curled up.  "Honey?" I ask, sweetly, "Where's the cat barf?"

She is, of course, unhelpful on this count.

I retrace my steps (watching very carefully where I'm putting my feet).  There's gotta be barf in this house someplace -- and in case the buyers want to come over again, it would be a real good idea to find it.


lanurseprn said...

I'm sure you'll find it someday!!! LOL!

hewasolddog299 said...

Look INSIDE your favorite shoes...