Friday, March 28, 2008

Day One

My bedroom is on the first floor of the condo.  Hard to say exactly how many floors it has -- as there's a loft in there someplace -- but there are 3 or 4 distinct levels.  And hot air rises.  Meaning my room is really cold.  And when I turn on the heat enough to get warm, it gets downright toasty in the upstairs rooms.

Some years ago (when I was in a hotel in New York with no heat -- the little weasels at the desk kept assuring me there was, in fact, heat, until they finally conceded that, yeah, the heat was busted) -- anyway, at that time, I learned that the fastest way to warm up in this situation is to take a nice, hot bath.

So, last night, I piled extra blankets on my bed (I'm using the top bunk of one of the beds -- the heating registers are in the ceiling so the upper bunks are warmer), getting it all ready for me to just jump on in -- and prepared to take a bath.  I lean into the tub and turn on the faucet --

-- and cold water comes out of the shower head right down on the top of my head!  Yeah, that was my plan for warming up:  dousing myself in icy cold water. 

Dried off and proceeded to get my nice warm bath with no further problems.  Got a good night's sleep once I figured out exactly how to place myself in the bed to get the best out of the climate.  Woke up (courtesy my alarm clock) at 9:00.  There is definitely something to be said for being in the downstairs room when there are a couple noisy early-rising kids a few stories above.  Didn't hear 'em at all.

Today was, unfortunately, a bit more laid back than I'd intended.  There were about four activities I'd had in mind for Park City -- and two were closed and the other two I needed to wait for the others for (as they wanted to do them with me).  (And they were off skiing and snowboarding today.)  So today, for me, was spent wandering aimlessly through the little shops in the city center.

The shops in Park City can generally be classified as one of two kinds of shops:  One sells tacky, kitschy souvenirs.  The other sells high-end, overpriced jewelry or art.  In both ends, you can find tons of Native American stuff -- it's just a question of whether you want a cheap-o headdress and dreamcatcher, or some high-end silverjewelry adorned with various stones.  ($240 for a pair of silver and tiger's eye earrings?  $240?!!!)  As my buying habits generally put me somewhere between the two ends, I didn't see much here that appealed, although it was nice for a wander.

Other than that -- had a few meals, played with my friends' kids, poked around on the 'net.  Standard stuff.  Tomorrow, I'll head out for some actual activity.

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