Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greetings from Utah

Hi all!

Here I am in Park City for my not-skiing vacation.  I'm sitting in the living room of our rental condo, watching some NCAA basketball.  I say "our."  I'm here with a bunch of friends -- together we're two married couples, two single people, a four year old, and an infant.  We've piled oursevles into a 3 bedroom + loft condo.  (Somehow I ended up with the bedroom with four bunk beds in it.  I'm not asking.) 

We didn't really do much today, other than get here.  My flight was largely uneventful.  (Delayed, but uneventful.)  I met the gang, we got a couple of rental cars, piled a massive amount of suitcases and gear into (and on top of) the cars, and -- after a quick lunch break -- tooled on out to Park City.  After we found our condo, a few of us ran out to the store for supplies, while others went to a take-out place to get some dinner.  And now, we're just relaxing, putting the kids down, and making tentative plans for tomorrow.

So far, I anticipate two problems with the condo.  The first is that there's only 2 keys to it, which may cause a problem because there's a lot of us.  And the second is the garage.  Getting in and out of it.  The garage opens onto a pretty narrow street.  A one-way street.  Sorta half-way between an alley and a street, actually.  And this condo, while on the side of the street (like all the other condos) is the last one on the street and there's just a WALL at the end of it.  So, basically, to pull into the garage, you've got to make a solid 90 degree turn with very little room to move around.  And the cars we've rented aren't exactly compact.  (We got a Subaru Outback and an SUV.)  Basically, any time you pull in or out of the garage, you need a spotter. 

I'm rethinking the insurance waiver.

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