Monday, March 3, 2008

Unexpected Trip to the Outlet Mall

I'm really going to have to sell my condo soon, before I spend all my money.  Whenever we have an open house, I have to leave.  First time, I went to tea with a friend.  Yesterday, I went to the outlet mall to kill a few hours.

And dump a few bucks.

In fact, I did rather better than I thought I would, see as I didn't buy the leather jacket.

(This was partly due to the collar being slightly tweaked out of shape, and partly due to the idiot salesgirl who picked my bags up off the floor and took them behind the counter, without even telling me.  Even after I stood there for a few minutes, staring at the place my bags used to be thinking, "what would a thief want with six pairs of off-price underwear?"  Even after I walked up to her.  No, she didn't tell me she'd taken my bags until I asked, "Um, did you take my bags someplace or did someone walk off with my stuff?"  I appreciate her concern for my stuff's safety, but would it really have been hard to say, "Um, hey, I'm putting your stuff behind the counter for safekeeping?"  Instead she said, "Yeah.  Anything on the floor we take back behind the counter."  Like I was an idiot for not being aware of this particular store policy.)

Bought two big fleece pull-over hoodies, because they were $10 each.  Conversation with Eddie Bauer Outlet saleschick:

"Wow.  $10.  Really?  Marked down from $30?"


"What's wrong with them?"


"Come on.  Ten bucks?  Are you sure there's nothing wrong with them?"

"They're very warm."

Ah, yes.  It's over 70 degrees here.  Fleece pullovers aren't exactly leaping off the shelves.

But, if you're planning a ski trip...  SCORE!

Props also to the saleslady in the Jockey store who did not laugh at me when I asked to use a fitting room although I had nothing in my hand to try on.  But it did seem better to go someplace private rather than stand there in the middle of the store and try to ever-so-subtlely peek around and see what size underwear I wear (without giving myself a wedgie).  Hey, at least I didn't ask her to check for me.

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specialadyfink said...

If you had you may have gotten more than a wedgie,LOL