Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am not good at waiting.  There are things I want, and I want them now.

1.  I want a buyer for my condo.  I'm not requesting a buyer at a perfect price, mind you.  Just a nice, reasonable offer from a live human being I can work with.

2.  On Tuesday, I emailed someone about possibly hiring them.  I know they read the message (thank you, AOL's "show status" command) that night.  I want the courtesy of a reply.  Ideally, I want them to accept the job at a low fee, but I want them to AT LEAST tell me if they're able to do it.  Or even thinking about it.  Really:  a sign of life would be acceptable.

3.  I've been hunting down corporate sponsors for stuff for our Awards show.  I want one of them to say, "Sure, we'll sponsor that."

4.  I want to memorize this speech I'm learning to sign.  (I just learned ANOTHER signing pitfall:  apparently a sign done facing one direction means "he," while in the other direction it means the drug "Ecstasy."  Yeah, that's one you don't want to screw up.  Much like the triangle problem.*)

5.  I want there to be gas in my car and food in my fridge.

6.  I want it to be time to go home and my work to be done.


*Read an editorial once about a class of elementary school kids learning to sign.  They were singing and signing some song about shapes.  And when they got to "triangle," they were all unintentionally signing the sign for, um, female private bits.  The amusing part of this story is that, if you think about it, you can probably figure out both signs.

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