Sunday, January 17, 2010

This weekend sucks

OK, technically, I'm only about halfway through my 3-day weekend.  But it needs to do a 180 right quick.

We are entering the time of year when (despite the fact that my blog readership is likely in the single digits) shit is happening that I can't blog about -- as I am working on putting together a theatre awards show with my partner in crime, and none of that can go public.  But stuff goes wrong.  Stuff always goes wrong.  There are always apparently insoluble problems which, somehow, we manage to solve.  (Like the one five (or so) years ago, when we learned we couldn't get a one-day non-profit license to sell beer and wine, because someone had lost our IRS exemption letter.  And then we learned that, even if we'd had the exemption letter, someone had forgot to mail in some paperwork so we'd actually lost our IRS exemption.  Happy times, that.)

Of course, now that we've produced the Awards show a few times, it's supposed to get easier.  And, in some ways, it has.  But we've cancelled that out by getting more ambitious with our plans every year.  (The second year, we actually added a curtain raise to the show.  Which is more difficult than you might think, as only union folk can touch the curtain.  By the third year, we had curtains moving all over the place.)  As usual, we've gone overly-ambitious again.  If we were doing exactly what we'd done before, there'd be no problem.  But in a few ways, we're trying to push the envelope again -- and since those ways are new, shit is just bound to happen.

And it is happening.

This weekend.

A good deal of yesterday was spent in damage control mode and, at one really exciting point, I actually had to do damage control for the damage control.

Don't get me wrong -- all I have to do is look at a news site and see one photograph from Haiti to know that my sort of shit is nowhere near the sort of shit that these people are dealing with, and that I should thank my lucky stars that, in fact, this is the only shit with which I have to deal.

And while I recognize that, and realize that I am, at a truly fundamental level, an incredibly lucky human being (so much so that I actually knocked wood when I typed that), that somehow does not stop the current situation from sucking.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Even though the people in Haiti have it so much worse, and I feel terrible for them, and I know that I really should feel blessed, it doesn't stop the suckitude quite as much as it should. I alternate between feeling sorry for myself and being annoyed that I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Lori said...

I hope things work out eventually and the awards show goes smoothly for you. At least you don't seem to have repeats of the same problems.