Sunday, January 3, 2010

What adventure will I blog next?

My mother recently asked me if I'd thought about vacation plans for 2010, yet.  I hadn't, but since I find planning vacations to be almost as fun as taking them (almost), I put a little thought toward the question.

The answer appears to be coming together.  There is (not entirely surprisingly, if you know me well) a, um, play I want to see in England.  Around September-ish. 

Since the last major trip worked so well with the few-days-in-England-followed-by-big-honkin'-trip-elsewhere thing, the question then became, "OK, England and where?"  And I really should check out another country in Western Europe, and I don't want a bus tour, or a self-drive, and not another cruise just now, and I still like something vaguely adventurey, and and and ...

... and then I stumbled on my answer:  Ireland.  With these people.

I'll be booking this as soon as I get definite dates on the play.


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Lori said...

Cool! I so want to go to Ireland. I hope you go and have a wonderful time!