Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow. The incompetence amazes me.

For the Awards show, I like to put together a "Backstage basket" (inspired by a bridesmaids' basket at a wedding I once attended), including all sorts of emergency items one might need.  Anything from Pepto to emergency panty hose.  My motto is "Everything but condoms."

So, I went to my local CVS to buy out their "trial size" section.  I came home with $100 worth of stuff.

Not exactly true.  I came home with $90 worth of stuff but was apparently charged $100 for it.

A close review of my receipt indicates I was:
- charged for 3 trial packs of Advil when I'd only bought two
- charged for 2 packs of Wisps when I'd only bought one
- charged $3.99 for a "Tiger Choc Mu 22" -- I have no idea what this is, but I didn't buy one.

Indeed, my receipt helpfully tells me I bought 39 items, but there are only 36 in the bag.  That's like, one overcharge for every twelve items.

On the other hand, they also gave me $5.85 in CVS savings -- the nice lady behind the counter swiped a CVS card for me even though I do not have one.  What was interesting, though, is that the card ended up in my bag.

This is not my card.  It is, in fact, the card the nice lady uses for everyone who doesn't have a card.  I know this because my receipt includes a summary of "my" Spring 2010 spending on my card, and indicates I've spent $1.00 on digital prints (when I've purchased none) $8.16 on candy (none again, except maybe the mysterious "Tiger Choc Mu") and that I've purchased a roll of bath tissue.  Which I didn't.  (Because the theatre we're using does, in fact, have its own toilet paper.)

Next time, I'm going back to Walgreens.

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