Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Diary...

Y'know, I work up such a massive sleep debt during the week, I sleep in insanely on weekends.  Today was no exception.  I got to bed around 11:00 last night, set an alarm for 9:30 ... and didn't actually get up until after 1:00.  And then with exercising, playing computer games, and generally doing nothing, I didn't get out of the house until just before 5:00.

It's 1:20 a.m. and I'm still up -- which isn't surprising, as I've only been up for about twelve hours -- but it puts me solidly in line to repeat this process again tomorrow, which will put me to bed late tomorrow night, and start racking up sleep debt as per usual on Monday.  I am someone for whom "break the cycle" really has to be a goal.

In any event, the day ... or, at least, five or so hours of it, was fairly productive.  I know that there's a ton of unpacking I have to do -- not just from going to Arizona (although, yes, I still haven't unpacked from last weekend) --  I'm talking about boxes from moving in last year.  And I know that one of the main reasons I haven't unpacked is because I know I need to replace the great big wall unit/desk contraption in my living room.  (My inner procrastinator is well aware that unpacking all my desk stuff and books makes no sense if I'll have to remove them all from the shelving to replace it.)  So I finally picked up the phone and called the company I'll be hiring to build it.  They're coming out next Saturday for an estimate.

(Yes, I do know the company I'll be hiring.  They gave me a telephone estimate last year, which I thought was too high.  Then I shopped it around and realized that it really was a quite good estimate, all things considered -- as the only time other companies could come close is if they built it with pressboard rather than wood, and left out all the extras.  So I figured I'd eventually go back to this company when I had my fiscal ducks in enough of a row to spend what it would actually cost to do this right.)

You ever hold two conflicting thoughts in your head at the same time and not realize they're conflicting?  For about two hours after I made the appointment for the estimate, I had the completely unrelated thought about finalizing plans for my (finally scheduled) birthday celebration next Saturday and failed to recognize that next Saturday is next Saturday.  (Honestly, if it isn't in my Droid, it doesn't exist.)

Yeah, the birthday thing was getting annoying -- with everything I wanted being either too expensive, or too far away, or something that half my friends couldn't do, or something that I didn't really want -- so I finally just said "fuck it," moved my birthday up a good month and a half to a more convenient time, and invited a bunch of friends to see Iron Man 2 and have dinner afterward.  So, today I picked up the tickets and made the dinner reservation.  Done and done.  (And it was really when I walked out of the restaurant that I thought, "Oh, yeah, that's when I booked the wall unit estimate.  Idiot.")

Actually, I stopped for dinner at the restaurant.  It's one of those teppan places, where they sit you in groups with other people.  Ended up having dinner with a nice family -- grandparents taking their kid and a few grandkids out to dinner.  Very friendly and sweet.  The granddaughter sitting next to me was a young teenager, and she was at that age where everything her grandfather does embarasses her.  And he knew it, so was harmlessly saying annoying things, just to get a rise out of her.  I was smiling a lot, and just thinking about when I last went out to dinner with either of my grandfathers -- they both passed, gosh, more than 20 years ago.  I very nearly said something to the girl along those lines, and how she ought to just cherish her time with him while he's young enough to still have fun and she's old enough to form lasting memories ... but then I realized that's just the age I'm at, and it wouldn't make any impression on her anyhow.  

Bonus, though -- the restaurant gave us all $5 off coupons -- so I got one and they got six.  Grandfather offered me theirs, as they wouldn't be coming back before the expiration date.  I gladly accepted -- the damn things are stackable -- so that'll save me $35 at my not-birthday party next week.

Got my nails done, too.  It's been forever -- and it's certainly been forever since I went to this particular salon.  (At least three months -- the manager certainly wasn't visibly pregnant the last time I was there.)  About five minutes in, I noticed that the nail tech doing my pedicure had an, er, extra finger.  (Not a whole one, just a sorta partial one.)  I spent the remainder of the pedicure trying not to stare, pondering what sort of difficulties it posed, and wondering why I was so curious about this anyway.  (And I was doing very well until such time as I went to hand her a pen and actually dropped it.  I'm so smooth.)

Came home and rewatched my Iron Man DVD (as though I'd actually need to catch up before the sequel).  It really holds up, though -- my favoritest superhero origin story ever.  Watched some random TV when it was over, and discovered that Dish is now carrying the HD version of BBC America.  This is the cause of much joy over here -- as it has really been annoying to watch BBCA showing all of its "Now in HD" ads but not actually having the HD version available to me.  (Suck it, Charter.)

2:00 a.m. now.  Time to go to bed and cram all of my weekend Things To Do in a few hours tomorrow.

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