Monday, May 3, 2010

If you will forgive the Marcia Brady moment...

"Ow!  My nose!"

When I remodelled my kitchen, the contractors placed the microwave a little high.  High enough that I removed the rack, because I couldn't reliably reach high enough to balance food on it.  In fact, I can now tell you exactly how high the microwave is -- the bottom of the microwave is at precisely the height of my nose, a fact I unfortunately discovered when I whacked my nose with the corner of the door when opening it last night.


Really hard.

To the point where I was surprised (albeit pleasantly) that to discover that there was not, in fact, blood gushing therefrom. 

But it did knock my glasses out of whack, and the impact was so great that my front teeth hurt.  Now.  Nearly 24 hours later.

I'm not safe in a kitchen; I'm really not.

1 comment:

Wil said...

Go ahead, tell me you're NOT a "princess."


And I have some swamp land in Arizona I'm sure you'd be interested in, too.