Saturday, February 26, 2005

Could I do it?

(I apologize in advance for the edit.  I know that, if any of you read this via Alerts, this means you'll get an alert for this entry twice.  And yet, a few hours after I posted it, I came across this photo, and well, I think you'll understand why it had to go in.)

(That's me in the white sweater.  This little piece of Special Effects Magic is the one souvenir they give you at the Warner Brothers museum.)

Yesterday, John Scalzi writes an entry about how CMT is looking to "hire" someone to be the Vice President of their "Dukes of Hazzard Institute" -- job requirements includes watching "Dukes" every night and keeping CMT's blog on the topic.

So I'm flipping channels last night, and happen upon CMT's "Dukes" rerun, and figure, what the heck?  Let's watch one, and see whether it's bloggable.  (I suspect the whole "let's watch one" part of this is what CMT was actually aiming for with its "job search."  I mean, how else are you going to get to, basically, run a story that says, in so many words, "Dukes of Hazzard reruns are now on CMT.  Every weeknight!")

So.  In no particular order, I present my blog regarding, episode three, "Mary Kaye's Baby."

-- OK, yeah, John Schneider was cute.

-- The Dukes were really poor.  Did I notice this when I was 12?  Their farm house looks really run-down.

-- In this episode, Uncle Jesse delivered some girl's baby, in the farm house.  Since there were bad guys chasing them and all, she had the baby in just a few minutes, and without screaming once.  Man, TV was so realistic back then. 

-- Interestingly, Jesse had a missing front tooth.  Made him look kinda creepy.  I watched a clip show after the episode, and it looked like they fixed up his dental work in later episodes.  And a good thing, too, because there was something about the missing tooth and the perpetual dirt under his fingernails that made me feel slightly ill when I thought about him pawing around some girl's privates helping her deliver a baby.

-- This really, really was a kid's show.  I don't think I noticed it at the time.  I mean, it was an hour-long prime time program -- I thought I was watching something grown-ups watched.  And maybe they did.  (Hell, I know some of the stuff I watch now is for kids.)  But this was very family oriented.  The boys were always trying to do the right thing, and, although they always got into fights, nobody ever got real hurt.  (In this episode, the sheriff actually shot someone.  Might be the only shooting ever on the show.  Of course, he shot him in the toe, which is probably the least fatal injury they could come up with.)  Of course, I'm still trying to figure out how running from the police was a virtue.

I don't think I'm gonna get this job.

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