Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Thoughts

First and foremost, we gloat.  Note the extreme accuracy of my picks there.  Got the two hard ones, too.  (The ones our fearless leader went the other way on.)  Of ten awards that I actually put picks in on, I got nine right, which I'd call pretty darned spiffy.

So, yay me.  Too bad I wasn't in a pool this year.

As for the rest --

-- I'm mixed on Chris Rock as host.  I loved the bit he did at the Magic Johnson Theater, but I believe that should be cancelled out by the stupidity of the bit he did with Adam Sandler.  (Don't tell me Zeta-Jones had actually gone missing at the last second.  As if some writer had actually scripted Sandler to drool all over her shoes, fer cryin out loud.)

-- And, so, they bleeped out the, er, three-letter-word for butt when it was used in the remote bit, but not when Rock used it live?  I'm confused.  (Also don't know what the bleeping rules are for that English word the sweet lady who won best Live Action Short said.  Reminds me of that time the Tony's let through a word they shouldn't have, as the dude with his hand on the buzzer wasn't quite sure what to do with the Irish variant.)

-- Doing the awards in the audience and/or putting the nominees on stage didn't work out as poorly as I'd expected.  They still got to say their acceptance speeches, and this way, we cut out the running to the stage bit.  I kinda liked that.  Especially considering the show ran about 10 minutes long as it was.

-- Loved Hilary Swank's dress.  Loved it less during the "red carpet" bit when it was a little too revealing.  Er, I mean, it looked a little cold outside, if you get my meaning.  But, once she got indoors, it was just classy as all get out.

-- Please, tell me, there's some other singer in America besides Beyonce. 

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