Sunday, February 6, 2005

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

I've been tired all week at work, and really needed to start getting some sleep this weekend.  I was doing pretty well.  At around 1:30 last night, I stopped IMing a friend and told her I had to go to sleep.

But I didn't go to sleep. 

No.  Not me.

I played "one more game."

Stupid effing computer games over at  I wouldn't have even known about them excepting your XP computer comes preloaded with a link to them.  Innocently click on "Internet Jeopardy" and you'll find yourself in a world of Flipwords, Text-Twist, Bejeweled, Inspector Parker, Betrapped, Trivia, and about a zillion others.  All of which conveniently keep track of your best score, and give you little stars based on how well you do.

I've hit the three star level in six games so far.  And at around 3:30 last night, I finally decided that it wasn't that important to get that third star in a seventh game.

While staggering to bed at around 4:00, I made one promise to myself for today:  No computer games.  No "oh, just one quick game after I update my journal."  No "ok, how about Spider Solitaire since that isn't even a zone.msn game."  I've gotta go cold turkey.  For my sanity's sake.  I have to master this habit before it masters me.

You folks want to know why I haven't updated my journal in a week?  I been feedin' the beast, man, and it's a hungry one.


grodygeek said...

NZ's got a monkey,
NZ's got a monkey,
NZ's got a monkey,

Nyah, nyah, nyah!

Problem admission is a big step. Now deletion of you XP system? That would be er, correction.

Do you have the courage?

the cycling curmudgeon

andreakingme said...

I got this way about 7 years ago with a game called THE SECRET EYE. I was OBSESSED!

Now I don't play video games. I don't dare.