Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More Iceland Pics

So, Andrea asks:

And did you feel the heat from where you were standing when the Geysir spewed?

Which is pretty funny, because when I was downloading pictures from my camera, I couldn't remember why I'd taken this one, but now I do...


That's my foot.  Walking along the path in Geysirland.  I had noticed that I was walking on land that was, you know, wet, and had therefore wondered if I was in any danger from unexpected spews in my direction.  Apparently not.  We reached down and felt the ground -- both ground and water were not particularly warm to the touch, and although we were walking where water had pooled, we were far enough away from eruptions that we didn't feel any heat in the air.

And now ... pics from the horseback ride.  This is Horry, the evil horse you can read about here.  Oh, by the way, I found this site which tells you all about Icelandic horses, and explains that whole "tolt" thing better than I can.  Anyway, Horry:

This was when we'd stopped to graze.  Note the tautness in the rein, as he's pulling me over to where he wants to go.

As the only time we were allowed to take pictures was the grazing break, I never got a shot of me on the horse -- nor the horse I eventually switched to when Horry misbehaved.

Then we went Whale-Watching.  I already told you how successful  that was.  Well, I checked the photos and, as expected, I did not get a picture of the three leaping dolphins.  Still, I think this shot of the water (right after the dolphins disappeared under the surface) isn't bad.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised by how nice this shot of a bird came out.

Look at that.  Centered in the frame and everything.  I rock.


andreakingme said...

You DO rock!

Not only can you spell, write well, be daring in foreign countries AND recite a bunch of trivia stuff, you can capture a foot (bird? pah!) on film.

I am in awe. No, seriously. And I'm amused, too, which is always a good thing.

gabreaelinfo said...

Sounds like a nice time.