Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Very Last Set of Pretty Iceland Pics

So, they take you to this waterfall.  It's a very pretty waterfall, but it's located in a place that makes getting a good view of it somewhat difficult.

When you first come up on it (from an outlook) it looks something like this:

What I found so annoying was that you couldn't really see how deep it was -- the water going over the edge seemed to just go off into that thin crevasse, and you couldn't get a decent view on how far it fell.

But... see that little walking path there on the left?  You can trudge up to the waterfall (weather permitting) and stand on that little outcropping of rocks there near the top. And if you turn and look down, you see this:

The mist sorta gets in the way, but you can really see the force with which this water is tumbling down there.  Pretty impressive.  Impressive enough that I asked someone to take a snap of me in front of the aforementioned waterfall.

Iceland is darn fascinating from a geological standpoint -- and this remark comes from someone who doesn't know squat about geology.  But, um, "The island of Iceland is actually a hotspot volcano located right on the mid-ocean rift in the northern Atlantic. The combined volcanism of the hotspot and sea-floor spreading have built up the island to above sea-level. Iceland has extensive volcanic activity along the rift that bisects it from south to north, and is extensively studied as a natural laboratory for what happens at mid-ocean ridges in general."  (I stole that from this site.)  So, they take you to this space where Iceland is actually growing -- a valley that is expanding a centimeter or so every year, thanks to all that under-ocean volcanic activity.  And you get to walk to the top of this really massive ridge on one side of the valley.  And take pictures.  This one is my favorite.


dklars said...

Wow!  That waterfall is awesome!

andreakingme said...

Gee, Z Girl, you look QUITE puzzled in that photo! "Okay, who are you and why do you have my camera again?"

Gorgeous photos. Must've been something to get to see it all in person.