Friday, June 17, 2005

The Not-So-Pretty Iceland Pics

And, just to put an exclamation point on the Iceland Photo Essay -- let's finish things off with:

1.  The icky bruise I discovered on my lower leg when I got back from horseback riding.  (Wow.  Naked flesh.  Try not to get too excited.)


2.  The picture I took of myself that last morning -- when I looked so pitiful the nice lady in the convenience store walked me over to the pharmacy when I trudged on in asking for cold medicine.

Is that an elegant ensemble or what?  Red waterproof jacket, long black knit skirt, and big brown hiking boots.  Not to mention the facial expression that says, "Hey, I'm amazed that I'm standing up without assistance." 

The most amazing thing, actually, is that within, say, 15 hours of this photo, I was back in Maryland, wearing a nice clean outfit (having been reunited with the bulk of my luggage), and enjoying a lovely dinner with my aunt and uncle in Baltimore.

Still had the bruise, though.

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andreakingme said...


And ...

I like your long black skirt and the black hightops! Swanky, dude.