Monday, June 13, 2005

The Pictures Everyone Gets in Iceland

The "Golden Circle" Tour is apparently the tour everyone does when they visit Reykjavik.  I therefore assume everyone who goes to Iceland comes home with photos that look a lot like these.  At least, I know everyone on the bus with me got photos that looked a lot like these.

This is Kerith Crater.  It used to be a volcano till it fell in on itself.

Next up -- Geysirland!  Iceland is very interesting from a geological standpoint.

Yes.  That's steam coming out of the earth.  When you get to "Geysirland," you walk toward the great big "Geysir."  (See?  Isn't it neat how you know these Icelandic words even if you didn't think you did.  Several Icelandic words look a lot like English words just spelled a little differently.  Would you like a cup of Kaffi?  Or Te?  I am not kidding.)

OK, so, on your way to the Geysir, you come by... the Litli Geysir.  Awww, innit cute?  Just sitting there, gurgling away.

Then, you make your way over to the Geysir.  And wait.

And then you're rewarded...

And finally, I'm including a photo I don't think everyone takes in Iceland.  The thing that struck me most about Iceland is how ... stylized the whole place is.  I mean, you all know the joke about a country being so small you can get the whole thing carpeted.  Well, Iceland looks like they hired an interior decorator for the whole country.  It's all about clean and elegant lines.  Thus ... this is the photo I took of the bathroom at the shop where you buy touristy junk in Geysirland.


andreakingme said...

Whew! Blue water in the Crater. Algae?

And did you feel the heat from where you were standing when the Geysir spewed?

So if the touristy bathrooms are this neat, I bet Iceland really IS as neat as the Pope's toothpick.

pegluh said...

Oh the memories. It's true. The country's one giant antiseptic IKEA.