Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Cautious Blogger Don't Blog

I reckon I'll be taking another blogging hiatus around February this year, as my producing-partner and I will be producing our theatre awards show again this year.  I hardly blogged about it at all last year -- other than a brief explanation of why I wasn't around, and an expression of total joy when it was over. 

I mostly didn't blog about it because I didn't have the time -- but also because I didn't want to blog about it in the off-chance someone who knew about it actually read it.  I very much doubt any of my regular readers are the folks I happen to be doing business with in the real world -- but, like, when we were having trouble getting our license to sell beer and wine, I wouldn't want any negative thoughts I might have had on the topic being read by someone who happened to have a second-cousin who is friends with a guy at Alcohol Beverage Control, if you get what I'm saying.  I think it's safest to assume that your 'blog is being read by the last person on earth you want to read it, and to withhold information accordingly. 

Co-producing an awards show is a very stressful business.  People tend to piss you off.  I will therefore say no more about it.  :)

Similarly, I've been a little tight-lipped about discussing my whole sell-condo-buy-house thing, because I'm, er, a little pissed off at some folks involved in the process.  And while writing about it and sharing it with you all would be cathartic for me (and perhaps a cautionary tale for you), it seems the more prudent course is to not identify any homes I may be interested in purchasing (and certainly not how much I'd be willing to pay for them) nor any of the players who happen to be ANNOYING ME just now.  Just on the really really really really off-chance that word got back to the people word shouldn't get back to.

I've read enough horror stories about 'blog content getting read by people it wasn't meant to be read by to know it's best not to risk it.  Which probably explains why people blog about their cats so much.


memes121 said...

Wow, I actually understood that. My cat says hi.

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