Sunday, September 3, 2006

I wuv my car

Good thing to have an SUV when you've gotta haul a bunch of stuff around.  Today's tasks included taking the first wardrobe box into my storage locker, and buying some huge plastic storage bins at The Container Store.  Both would've been impossible without the SUV.  As it was, I just plopped the seats down and had plenty of room to shove all that stuff in the back of my car.  Very cool.  (The full wardrobe box in particular never would've made it in my old car.)

Once I got the boxes home, I was delighted to discover I had guessed correctly on the size of plastic storage bin I needed.  (I believe the size in question is "big honkin'.")  But they were exactly the right size for me to fill with all of my spare bedding and linens and such.  This way, I can get all that stuff out of my closets -- and I'll have room to move all my breakables in there when the carpet installers come in a couple weeks.  Not to mention that my closets now look tidier.  I'd read that one of the things you ought to do when showing your home is to take some of the clutter out of the closets so they look bigger.  This I can do.  I need to wring every possible dollar out of this condo to get a good house, so I'm certainly going to do all necessary tidying.

Not exactly sure when I'll be able to get this stuff out to storage, though -- the facility is closed tomorrow for Labor Day and I've got shows to see Tuesday and Wednesday nights ... which basically means I'm going to have these boxes in the middle of my floor for the immediately foreseeable future.

Saw a lovely house today -- but it isn't in the running for possible purchase.  A friend and I just drove by and stopped in at the Open House, without having seen the price.  It was way outta my league.  But still good to see houses in different neighborhoods.

I can do a little more boxing up tomorrow.  I own over 20 collectible snowglobes (not the little crappy ones you get from tourist destinations, but the nice big, pretty ones -- many of mine are Disney ones).  ANYWAY, while there's no need to get them all out of here before showing the place, it wouldn't kill me to box up, say, half of them in advance.  Less to move when the carpet guys come, and I'll feel better knowing they're safe.  (I have saved all of their original boxes -- they're in my storage box in the garage.  I'll just box up the ten or so whose packaging is on the top of the stack.)

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