Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Will Not Write A Weight Loss Blog. I Will Not Write A Weight Loss Blog...

OK, let's just take a minute to celebrate my belt.

Years back, I got a really nice Coach belt for a holiday present.  It was a medium.  I was a small.  I could sorta wear it -- on the tightest of five holes -- and there was still a little room between me and it.

By the time my little weight-loss journey started, I was wearing it (if at all) on the fifth hole -- the loosest one.

Today, I put the belt on, and I'm right at the middle hole.  Woo!  Tangible evidence of weight loss.

The less tangible evidence is that my scale, which isn't the most accurate thing on earth, is pretty sure I've lost six pounds and is contemplating 7 or 8.  I'm extremely happy about this.  Extremely.  Eight pounds down is a number I've never even seen since the time I bought the scale, so the fact that my scale is toying with showing it to me is a real big incentive to stick with the Weight Loss Plan.

I think the biggest surprise that I've learned during this whole weight gain/weight loss thing is how much of a difference a few pounds makes.  Especially on a person of my diminuitive stature.

Eight pounds down is, apparently, a solid "medium" waist, as opposed to a large one.  Eight pounds down is, according to the Body Mass Index, no longer "overweight" but at the very tippy top of "normal weight." 

Most importantly, it is two pounds away from ten pounds down.  I've decided to adopt the idea I saw when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy did a weight loss episode, and give myself a "spa treatment" treat for each ten pounds I lose.  (Makes more sense than a food reward.)

I am sure this weight loss thing would be going even better if my ankle wasn't holding me up in terms of exercising, but I'm still eating (and sleeping) way healthier and so far (knock wood) that seems to be doing the trick.  :)

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Way To Go!!!