Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Home Improvement Update

Last week, I cleaned out the cabinet in my dining room.  It was an extremely orderly process.  I boxed up all the videotapes; I boxed up a bunch of my snowglobes; I took the boxes to storage; I found nice new display and/or hiding places for everything else.  This way, once the place is recarpeted, I can re-place a few choice knick-knacks, and the room will be ready to show when I put my condo on the market.

Ah, memories.

The carpet guys are installing the new carpet on Thursday.  Today, to review, is Tuesday.  Other than one more box of books, I have not done anything else in the way of tidy packing.

No more time for that.  I have a few hours tonight and a few hours tomorrow night.  And a ton of stuff to get out of the way.  I opened up a box and just threw stuff in it.  Some of it is stuff that will go into storage; some of it I'll need Friday.  No time to sort.  No time to even sort out the stuff I should be throwing out.  Just throw it all in the box.  All of it. 

And roll the chairs and the filing cabinet into my bedroom (because that's not getting recarpeted).  And bring in the lamps.  Right now, there's a pile of junk the length of my bed running down one side of said bed.  Tomorrow night, I'll bring more stuff in on the other side.  But it's ok if I trap my bed -- just as long as I get all the stuff off the carpet and still leave a clear path so Jasmine can get to her litter box.

Poor Jas -- I'm gonna have to lock her in that very same bedroom while the carpet is being installed.  Ideally, I'll move her food in there too, but I don't think I'll have a scrap of floor left to put it down on.

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hewasolddog299 said...

Hmm, I wonder where and when she'll choose to make her next "deposit."