Friday, April 27, 2007

Add REI to the list...


We've already discussed the mismatched shoes, the baggy swimsuit, and the incorrectly sized fleece pull-over

Today, I got my order from REI.  I had ordered:  a water bottle, fleece gloves, some midweight long underwear bottoms and some heavyweight long underwear bottoms.

OK, right away, I'll admit that the heavyweight long underwear bottoms were not what I'd meant to order.  I was aiming for just some nice heavyweight fleece pants.  But I can likely make use of heavyweight long underwear bottoms, so, y'know, ok.

The box arrived. 

The water bottle looks good.

The gloves fit.

The heavyweight long underwear bottoms fit.

....yes!  All we need is for the midweight long underwear bottoms to fit, and I won't have to return anything.  I reach into the box and pull out ...

... another pair of heavyweight long underwear bottoms.

I kid you not.

I take a closer look at the receipt, where, clear as day, I ordered both midweight and heavyweight bottoms.  I see, however, where someone has -- for some totally inexplicable reason -- added in pen the number "2" next to the heavyweight long undewear bottoms.  As if they knew they were putting two of that item in the box, even though they clearly knew that is not what I'd ordered.

We are not amused.  We will share our lack of amusement with our local REI store sometime this weekend.

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lanurseprn said...

It's irritating. Can't ANYONE do their job anymore??