Thursday, April 26, 2007


Have begun receiving packages -- all the crap I've been buying off the internet lately.

You already know the swimsuit was a raging failure.  As was the flannel half-zip pullover I bought at the same time.  "What could possibly be wrong with a flannel half-zip pullover?" you ask.  Too big.  This is particularly annoying because I used their size charts.  Seriously.  I stood here with a measuring tape and took all my measurements and compared them to the chart and bought the size they said I should buy.  Yo!  Lands End!  Here's an idea:  If you're gonna have size charts, maybe your stuff should be, oh, I don't know, true to the measurements in your size charts.  I'm just sayin'

An unfortunate problem with the Trail Running Shoes, which also arrived today.  Right shoe fit great.  Left shoe was really, really, really tight.  Now, the one-foot-slightly-bigger-than-the-other thing is not completely unknown to me -- but I'd thought it was my right foot which was the bigger one.  Held the shoes up to each other sole to sole.  Left shoe noticeably shorter than right shoe.  Yeah.  They'll be going back.

The socks I bought from Sierra Trading Post seemed fine, but, y'know, they're socks.  (And, actually, I only tried on the one pair when I was trying out the trail running shoes.  I'm just going to assume the rest of the socks actually fit.  Because who the hell tries on socks?)

So there's lots of returning in my future.  The convenience of shopping online is substantially lessened when you've gotta spend the weekend driving around returning all this stuff.

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lanurseprn said...

Sorry you've had so many problems. I've been lucky with internet shopping, I guess.  What a pain having to send it all back.  It's almost easier to go return items to the store.