Monday, April 23, 2007

What? Me? Blogging?

Gordy (a voice from the past -- re-hi!) asks why the heck I'm blogging so much lately.  Two reasons:

1.  I always blog my trips, and I've been in pre-trip mode this weekend, so it seemed natural.

2.  The question isn't so much why I'm blogging of late -- the question is why I haven't blogged much in the past months/years.  And that's been because I've had too much on my mind that's not bloggable.  I mean, I got rules I live by -- which is that if there's anyone on the planet who shouldn't read what I'm blogging, don't blog it.  Now, I know that there's very little chance the folks who shouldn't read what I'm blogging actually read my blog -- but I just don't want to risk that sort of thing biting me in the butt.  This leaves several topics totally off-limits.  Like:  (1) everything I've gone through with offers on the condo (wouldn't want a buyer seeing me talk about them during negotiations); (2) everything about houses I see (wouldn't want a seller to know I'm interested); (3) my job (self-explanatory); (4) the LA Drama Critics Circle Awards (definitely wouldn't want anyone in the theatrical community stumbling upon how that particular sausage gets made); (5) a rather unusual argument I've had with a friend (also self-explanatory).  And these are the things that happen to have been on my mind of late.

Sometimes I've thought about blogging something else just for the sake of blogging -- keeping the Informal Writing Muscles in practice and also not losing (by lack of updates) whoever might still be reading me.  This doesn't really work.  If I force the writing, there's nothing of use for anyone to read. 

So, to sum up:  I guess I'm in a bit of a happier place now.  Not that I've been in a bad place or anything -- I just haven't been in a particular bloggable place.  Hopefully, that's changed.

P.S.  Ironically, I was just off buying some socks (to go with the trail running shoes) on when Gordy was over here recommending the site.

P.P.S.  Took a bit of research, actually, to make sure you're supposed to wear socks with trail running shoes.  I think it's a negative on the trail running shoes that are made for running in water as well as off-road -- but I've definitely seen pictures of people wearing socks with the regular ones.  Not to mention, some companies actually make "trail running socks."  Of course they do.

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