Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm in Love with the Fuller Brush Man

Clicking channels, around one in the morning, looking for something that will make me go to sleep.  It hit upon the Fuller Brush Hour on HSN, and I'm thinking, "what could possibly be more sleep-inducing than Fuller Brush Hour on HSN?"

First, I have to say the shopper in me was intrigued.  These do seem to be useful, quality brushes at a reasonable price. 

Then again, I don't really see myself standing above my shower drain, jamming that thin little brush in there, and bringing it back up covered with hair.  I mean, yeah, shower drain maintenance is probably being overlooked in my home.  But, really, it's amazing that I manage to keep the laundry done and the floor Roomba'd.  Baby steps, people.

But then, I saw him.  No, that's not correct.  I don't give a damn what the Fuller Brush Man looks like (but I'm guessing he is not, in fact, a hunka burnin' love).  I heard him.  I don't know what sort of bizarre chemical reaction goes on in my brain, but there's a teensy weensy percentage of the people on this planet that have a voice that sends happy little endorphins streaming through my system, and damn if the Fuller Brush Man ain't one of them.  I'm actually contemplating recording Fuller Brush Hour next week, so's I can listen to it before falling asleep whenever I need a little pick me up.

Besides.  What's sexier than a man who knows how to clean a lint trap?


grodygeek said...

Ah yes, a voice for radio. I've long wished for a set of those pipes. Didn't happen.
Its only in my dreams now.

lanurseprn said...

HA HA HA you are so funny!  There's one late night sales girl on HSN that puts me to sleep. Her voice is so light, sweet, and monotone, and it works every time! LOL!

helmswondermom said...

lol Some voices can do that to me, too.

tammyg22 said...

A man who knows how to cook!