Tuesday, September 4, 2007


That being the total number of bug bites I picked up in Arizona.  I'm now back at home in the loving care of a big tube of topical Benadryl so that's a final count.

Driving to the airport, the dude driving the van said that was odd and that very few of the other guests got bit.  Noted that they'd had a little rain the week before, and speculated that the mosquitos might have been attracted to some bits that hadn't dried up yet -- and then I thought, "Aha!"  Me and my dad had spent the whole trip thinking how lucky we were to have been given rooms next to this really picturesque fountain.  And they shut the fountain off at night, which means stagnant water, which means skeeters.

Coulda been worse.  Driver mentioned some people got tarantulas.

And he said the tarantulas aren't that bad, really, since they eat the scorpions.


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hewasolddog299 said...

Only 15? That's an afternoon outing in the fall when the mosquitoes are virtually non-existent around here...