Monday, September 3, 2007

Vacation Day the Last

This morning at 9:00, I met with the Nutritionist.  This was the same Nutritionist I saw last year, and a large part of the reason we came back in the first place.  I lost a big pile of weight on her recommendations (and kept it off for about six months) and was starting to get bored with the food plan so needed to tweak it a little bit.  She did some tweaking -- gave me some areas in which I can expand my food selections, warned me about some stuff I'm doing that's not entirely healthy (I can keep doing it, but in moderation), and gave me healthy ways to actually increase my caloric intake for those occasions that I'm more active.  She gave my dad some good advice too, so she again gets little gold stars.

Took a breathing class (which was, unfortunately, taught by the same guy who taught Guided Relaxation the either day and largely repeated his other class), attended a Coping with Chaos and Change lecture, and took a beading workshop.

The beading workshop was really more about killing an hour and making a souvenir, as far as I was concerned, although some of the ladies in there were surprisingly serious about the whole beading thing.  Maybe it's an age thing, or a left-brain/right-brain thing, but the bracelet I made came out suspiciously different from everyone else's.  I sort of wanted to line up all the bracelets made in class and ask my Dad to guess which one I made -- because I was pretty sure he could have done it.  Everyone else used great big beads strung in assymetrical patterns and kept together with decorative clasps.  Mine is relatively small dark beads alternating with smaller silver beads, with a normal little silver clasp.  Boring, straightforward, and clearly the product of a linear thinker.

Have added substantially to the bug bite collection.  (And I'm pretty sure that the one under my bra strap was purely out of spite.)  Can also report from a carefully controlled experiment that scratching at the bites relieves the itching for about an evening, but ultimately slows the healing.  I'm sure this is why they tell you not to scratch, but, dang, the momentary reduction in itching is really, really hard to pass up.

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