Friday, September 28, 2007

Friend OK

My friend made it through surgery OK.  (Yay!)

I can't visit her yet, though.  She's only allowed family.  This, actually, did not stop another mutual friend from going tonight -- she's a bit younger than I am (she recently graduated Law School) so she sneaked on in claiming to be the patient's daughter (who is, in fact, away at college).  I'll be allowed in as soon as she's out of ICU.

Actually, she's not even in ICU yet.  She was supposed to go in there after surgery (not because she's at death's door or anything -- the surgeon just wanted her to be frequently monitored) -- but they didn't have any space in ICU so she's just spending the night in the Recovery Room.  She's the only one in there and there's tons of nurses, so she's getting really good care.  Probably too groggy to notice, but still.

They said that she'd move into ICU as soon as a bed frees up, which will probably be in the morning.

Of course, my immediate thought is that if a bed happens to free up before then -- y'know, unexpectedly -- you probably wouldn't want to take it.


In other news, just discovered that my basic nature is friendly.

Was in the grocery store, picking up a few items and I ran into (not exactly literally, but very near) the President of our Homeowners Association.  The Association I'm not really fond of right now.  And, as a matter of fact, the Board isn't particularlu fond of me now, either, as they see me as one of the homeowners who is constantly complaining about the pace (or lack thereof) of the repairs and, y'know, making their job all difficult and stuff.

And my first reaction on seeing him in the store is actually to smile at him

He's sort of distracted; on his cell phone and all.  And before I know it, I'm walking past, saying, "Hi!" in case he didn't happen to notice me smiling.

He looked right over at me ... and kept right on going with his conversation.

And I walk away, trying to figure out whatever possessed me to not only smile at this person I'm engaged in a bitter dispute with, but actually go out of my way to say "Hi," just in case he hadn't noticed.  Weird.


hewasolddog299 said...

Condo HOA = pack. President = Alpha Male. Smiling = baring of teeth in a subservient grimace. "Hello" greeting = obsequience due the pack leader.

Yep - works for me:

You're not friendly ... You're a submissive female currying the favor of the pack leader. [insert cheesey grin here, LOL]

hewasolddog299 said...

P.S. Glad your friend is doing OK. However, I failed to impress upon you the absolute necessity of there being a conscious, alert, intelligent adult who is NOT part of the hospital staff present to protect the patient from said hospital staff. It is the presence of all the nurses, respiratory technicians, etc. which scares the bejeebus out of me. And I really DO know whereof I speak -- I've had open heart surgery. However, the greatest danger is when she is "demoted" to the Med-Surg floor. Best plan on being part of a 24 hour coverage team then. Deadly mistakes DO happen all too frequently. Every action must be questioned...