Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still here

I haven't disappeared -- things have just gone busy on me again.

To put this in perspective, I haven't even watched The Daily Show this week.  (I've recorded it -- I just haven't gotten to it yet.) 

First, the update on the condo.  There is no update on the condo.  The HOA Board requested approval for a special assessment (to pay for all the repairs, and some future stuff, and painting the building sometime in the future) to the tune of about $6000 per unit.  And if we vote it down, they will (without the need for homeowner approval) assess us in the amount of about $2000, and kick up our monthly fees 20%.  This would make my monthly dues a whopping $565.  I am certain this is more than many normal people pay for rent -- and an insane amount to pay one's condo association (in addition to one's mortgage).  It's a sort of "I'm screwed either way" choice.  Not enough people showed up at the meeting to vote on the assessment, so we have to wait until everyone else mails in their sealed ballot before we find out exactly which way we're screwed.  In the meantime, work on my unit is again on hold, but work on the other units is proceeding (well, the promised workmen didn't come today, but we think they may actually come tomorrow) and there is at least a rational reason to hold off the work on my unit until the work on the others is finished -- although if the work on the other units drags on longer than the "week or so" that we've been promised, I may be rethinking this.

Second, and foremost in my thoughts, a very good friend of mine has some, er, cancer surgery tomorrow.  (She's a neighbor, too -- so when she's home recovering from the surgery, they'll be doing repairs to the outside of her unit.)  Please feel free to think happy thoughts in her direction. 

I can't really recall having a friend be sick before -- at least, not a close friend, and certainly not a close friend who happens to be married.  I say this because -- right now, the day before her surgery -- we're entering a world where my role in this process is a little unclear.  I mean, if my mom is in the hospital, I know what my job is (comfort mom; keep dad sane).  If it's a co-worker, I've got that down too (send basket of flowers or goodies).  But here, I'm not sure there's any ground rules for it.  I'm trying my best to make it clear to her that I'm available for anything she needs -- and of course I'll visit -- but I don't want to be in the way because I'm not, y'know, family.  Her husband is clearly the one up at bat on this -- and he's obviously very stressed by this -- and I want to be there for him, too, but he's generally a private guy and I don't want to intrude.  So, walking a bit of a fine line here.  Luckily, I think she's going to have lots of visitors and people offering to help out, so hopefully I'll figure out what my role is in this soon enough.

Roomba still not cleaning for more than 20 minutes at a shot.  Electric toothbrush, though, must have sensed that I was emailing tech support and considering replacing it, and it has returned to working perfectly.  Roomba should take the hint.

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hewasolddog299 said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's misfortune. Given how things go in hospitals these days, having another adult or two to stay with her part of the time is wonderful because having a conscious, alert adult watching over things is absolutely essential. That's what you can do for him -- keep him from exhausting himself by forcing him to take a break. And that is a gift only a good friend can provide in these circumstances.

Time to send the Roomba back for "regrooving" -- sounds like either the batteries have taken and developed a "memory" or one of the chips got zapped by a little static electricity from the rug. My hat is off to your toothbrush or to you for scaring it straight. ;)