Sunday, February 22, 2009

Award Shows

OK, during the "Supporting Actress" intro, in which we not only got a montage of previous winners but also got an intimate description of how incredibly awesome each nominee's performance was, it dawned on me that this was going to be the Longest Academy Awards Show ever.

The lengthy montages and the endlessly stupid presenter banter (telling us what a costume designer does) have done nothing to disabuse me of this notion. Good Lord, we haven't even gotten to the lifetime achievement awards, which tend to take a full segment by themselves.

I am, as it happens, at this very moment working on a (considerably smaller) Awards show which I am involved in producing. I'm taking some notes now. So far I have: (1) Don't script anything for the presenters; (2) the show is about the nominees and the winners not the people putting on the show; (3) if audiences are going to be bored by the technical awards, they'll be even more bored by a description of the award -- just give the damn thing and cut your losses; the people that care already know what the award is for.

Oh geez, now Ben Stiller is upstaging the clips of the cinematographers. See Rule (2), dude. Sure, you got some laughs, but you're making a mockery of the people you're supposed to be honoring.

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