Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, the other day, I left work early to go to the Post Office.

I know. But I get all my mail at a Post Office box while I'm in the temporary apartment, and the damn place closes at 6:00. I have to leave work at about 5:15 to make it. I try to go once a week (and again on Saturday).

So, I'm running out of the office at about 5:20, and I hit the parking garage. The elevator is right there, so I run in and hit the number for my floor. As the door closes, I hear someone running up. My hand instinctively goes toward the close door/open door buttons and I momentarily can't decide which one to go for. I do the right thing and hit "open door," to the gratitude of the dude who was on the other side of the doors.

Fast-forward about 40 minutes. About exactly 40 minutes. I've parked my car and am now across the street from the Post Office. I miss the light, so I'm standing there helplessly staring at a "Don't Walk" sign while my cell phone informs me that, yes, it's 6:00. Going on 6:01, even. The light changes and I run like hell across the street and up the stairs. The Post Office door is actually open, but this is only because there are about six doors, and the woman with the key has started locking them at the other end of the line. As I run in, she tells me they're closed. I make the pitiful face and tell her I just want to get my mail. She tells me to go ahead.

So the question is: Is this good karma payback for holding the elevator for that guy? Or would I have made the light if I hadn't stopped to let him on?

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Lori said...

Hahaha. Probably both!