Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awards Show ... Ran A Little Long

So, we had our Awards Show tonight. I pretty much just got home.

We aim for 90 minutes. We expect two hours.

We ran three.

...And a half.

To my great surprise, the people in attendance (or, I guess I should say, the people who stayed till the end) all seemed to have a good time. Y'know (if I may wax philosophical about this sort of thing, now that I've co-produced this show three times), you can sorta figure out how the show is going to be during the first ten minutes or so. And this show, pretty much from the start, was going to run long. At first, I considered doing something to move it along, but there's also a time with each of these shows when something doesn't go according to plan, and the appropriate path to take is to just sit back, relax, and let the show be what it's going to be. THIS show, sort of on its own accord, was going to have a lot of funny anecdotes from presenters and a lot of heartfelt thanks from the winners -- and in these difficult economic times, when people are spending less on arts and entertainment -- it felt right that we pretty much put on a show that was a bunch of theatre people coming together to celebrate each other.

Am happy. Exhausted, but happy. And with a very hungry cat wanting my attention.

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