Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ya think?

The contractor had told me he'd be done with the work in my house this week. So I gave notice at my apartment and called my mover and set myself up to move in next Tuesday. But, yesterday, there was no work at my house, so I was a bit concerned.

Actual conversation with my contractor:

"We'll be doing the drywall patching today, and it has to dry, and then we'll be painting on Friday."

"And what about the built-in cabinetry?"

"That will come on Friday too."

"And installing the microwave?"

"Yes, yes. Friday will be a very busy day."

"When does the plumbing get turned back on?"

"We have to wait until the painting is done and we've installed the toilet and the sink. They depend on the painting. Then we can turn it all on."

"And this will all get done this week?"

"I'm trying. Maybe it will run a little bit into next week."

"I'm moving in on Tuesday. The movers are coming on Tuesday."

"It is no problem. We've done construction before when the owner is there. It is just a little less privacy is all."

"Yes, but it would be nice if I could shower."

[pause] "I see your point."

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Wil said...

Now, for giggles and grins, just what image do you think your contractor flashed on that caused the pregnant pause in your conversation?

Yep, me too.

All men are swine...