Friday, March 20, 2009


Actually, it might work.

Verizon just sent me the phone number for my "Dedicated Data Line," so they clearly don't care that I have no landline. (Go Verizon!)

ADT's cellular-only system looked to be a $600 installation (which would be, y'know, the equivalent of 30 months of phone service) but since I called their Special Reactivation Line (whatever), it's only $200, which is, y'know, better.

And DISH would like me hooked up to either a phone line or high-speed internet -- and it's sort of optional anyway, for ordering movies and such -- when necessary, I could probably drag an ethernet line across my family room to the modem/router, so I think I'm cool.

So, I'm going to try being one of the phoneless in my new place.

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