Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I found the Citibank!

Much excitement. Apparently, there are indeed great lengths I will go to in order to avoid ATM service charges. There are 5 Citibank branches in London -- two of which appear to be relatively near underground stations -- but one is near a station with dodgy availability, and the other is ... well, that's the one I tried to find.

It's at St. Paul's. According to the website, it is located at "Canada Square"

Yeah, good luck with that. Not on any map I have, nor my 20 year old A-Z. And, if you pull the map up on the Citibank website, it doesn't actually show the branch on the page, but yahoo maps (or whatever it is that Citibank is using) doesn't exactly know where the hell Canada Square is either.

I figured I'd take the underground over there and look for it on the map of everything near the station. Not on the map. Exited the station and looked around for anything vaguely bank looking. Circled a block with lots of people in suits. No dice. Returned to the underground. Was about to get back on the train in defeat, but decided to check the area around the other underground entrance. Briefly.

There's a square there. Not Canada Square -- Paternoster Square (or something else sounding vaguely ecclesiastical). Figured I'd take a quick look around the square. On the way to the square is a little street with shops and ... Yes! Citibank! Victory!

(For future reference: Take Exit 2. Side-step a bit to your left. Turn around. Walk toward the square. Look down the street on your right. Voila!)

Yes... not that fascinating to say I spent the morning finding a bank. But, y'know, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Last night, I had a steak, Guinness and mushroom pie. That's more British, right? Then I saw "The Winter's Tale" starring an actor whom I would, actually, watch fish. As long as he was reciting Shakespeare at the time.

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Wil said...

Congrats on locating the bank. I do know exactly how much it means.

I didn't know Ethan Hawke had any Shakespearean talents until I did a check up from the clues provided.

I understand your sentiments - I could happily watch his ex-wife fish for hours, too.