Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too Much 'Nip

When I last took Jasmine to the V-E-T, I purchased a catnip filled sock. The vet was selling them. Proceeds were to benefit homeless kitties, and it seemed the equivalent of giving my cat a lollipop after a trip to the doctor's office. It was a baby's sock, filled with catnip, double-stitched closed.

Jasmine wasn't too interested because she was traumatized by the vet visit. But I left the sock out for her playtime enjoyment.

Hardly touched it.

I came home from vacation to find the sock unrecognizable -- with numerous holes torn in it and catnip flakes in a puddle around it. And a pretty happy cat.

I need to throw out the sock before I have a catnip covered house, but I didn't want Jasmine to notice me throwing her stash away. So I moved it. Into the cat carrier we use when we're going to the vet. On one hand, it may encourage her to go back into the carrier. On the other, she'll be stoned the next time we see the vet.

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