Monday, August 31, 2009

Things That Annoy Me

From the LA Times:

"Officials said ... five people initially refused to leave their homes when the evacuation order was issued. But since then, firefighters have set back fires in the area, and the people have now asked to be rescued. The Sheriff's Department considered sending a helicopter but was told by fire officials that conditions were not safe. Spokesman Steve Whitmore said the department is now monitoring conditions and trying to figure out how to get to them."

Now, I'm not so cold-hearted to say that, if these folks can't be rescued, they're getting what they deserve. But it is extremely frustrating that the Sheriff's Department has to waste time, personnel, and possibly a helicopter in order to save these dorks because they didn't leave when directed to do so.

You know, when I didn't go paragliding ... I mean, we'd wanted to go paragliding, but the wind wasn't blowing in the right direction. And one of the guys up on the mountain asked our lead glider guide if he could take off in another direction. And the lead glider guy said, "Sure, just as long as you first sign a release saying that you beat me up, tied me to the truck, and took off while I was yelling, 'No! Don't do it!'" Guy got the message and chose that, under the circumstances, it might be preferable not to take off that way.

I'm thinking we need similar forms for people who choose not to comply with evacuation orders. You know, something like, "I hereby understand that the people whose job it is to keep me from burning to death have demanded that I get out of here for my own safety, but I prefer to stay here because, based on my phenomenally inferior training and experience. I have personally determined that the risk to my safety is insignificant. I acknowledge that, when conditions get worse, as they are almost certain to do, I will be put up to public ridicule when I change my mind and meekly ask to be rescued -- assuming, of course, that conditions even allow for a rescue of my sorry ass."

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Peg said...

I think these types of people should also pay for the entire cost of their rescue. I don't understand people who, after being given a mandatory evacuation order, decide to "ride it out." They are just getting in rescue workers' ways.