Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fire Update

House still currently not on fire. Nor evacuated.

It's apparently a good thing to live (more or less) due South of Mt. Wilson, as dramatic efforts have been made to stop the flames reaching it.

Today is probably the day of biggest concern for me, as, according to the LA Times, "
This morning, the biggest concern is the eastern flank of the fire, which is moving in the mountains north of Altadena, Pasadena and Sierra Madre." The mountains north of Pasadena, in this sentence, are the mountains closest to me. The distance in question -- from where the mountains stop to my front door -- is about a mile. The area is pretty well populated -- meaning that hundreds of homes (and a school) would have to be lost before mine would be, and, so far, firefighters have been amazingly good about keeping the fire away from homes off the mountains. Depending on how close the fire gets to the edge of the mountains, though, I imagine it's conceivable that I could be evacuated, which has sorta been my concern all along.

As I leave for work this morning, I'll tell my cat what I've told her for the past few days: "If there's a problem, sink your claws into the nearest firefighter and don't let go."

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