Friday, September 4, 2009

Drugging the Cat, Day One

I put the ointment on the cat's chin. No fight there, so I figured I'd give the oral antibiotic a try.

It's given via dropper. You just fill the dropper with the liquid and, well...

... the vet had said you just stick it right behind the big pointy teeth. She'd even sort of demonstrated -- although she had one hand holding the cat's head so tight her little eyes were bugging out, and her other hand opened the cat's mouth. The hypothetical dropper must have been in her third hand.

I had the cat's head in the crook of my arm while I loaded up the dropper. (I realized then that leaving the uncapped bottle on the floor nearby was probably not the greatest idea -- if she fled, she'd probably knock it right over.) OK, now, how to open the kitty mouth exactly? Is there a release button somewhere I don't know about?

I put the dropper tip in the general vicinity of where it ought to go. Side of the cat's mouth, it a spot which I guessed was behind the teeth. Hoped she'd open eventually, because I couldn't figure out how to pry the jaws open with ... no free hands at all, actually.

Cat mouth opened. I inserted the dropper and, actually, the rest was something of a blur. Liquid squirting into cat's mouth; cat's mouth moving this way and that, highly energized. And open. Wide open.

I can't swear to this, and I expect further doses will prove or disprove the theory, but it seemed like she actually liked the stuff. I'm guessing it's 'cause it's hot as hell now, and I've kept the medicine in the refrigerator -- but the reaction seemed like an attempt to get the cool liquid all over her mouth and slurp it all up.

It would be awfully nice if this continues.

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