Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cat Zits

Yes, I know -- I'm blogging my cat's medical problems. I'm sure you're all fascinated.

Upon returning from my trip, I discovered that my cat's chin was irritated. And dirty. And there was some dried blood involved. I tried to clean it, but that didn't go all that well. I gave it a few days to clear up on its own. It didn't. I called the vet. They said, "It sounds like chin acne." Not an emergency, but I'd need to bring her in. It took another week to get the appointment.

So, I brought Jasmine in this afternoon. She cried all the way to vet; got very stressed and nervous in the waiting room (20 minutes or so); and was standing in the corner hissing at the vet by the time the vet came in to see her. Vet approached like she was walking toward an itty bitty tiger. Somehow got Jasmine in her hands, took a peek under the chin and reported: yep, cat zits.

She took Jas into the other room, shaved her widdle chin, and cleaned it -- this revealed that the acne was rather more severe than the vet had originally thought. I'll have to apply kitty zitty ointment twice a day, and give her an antibiotic. (Says the vet: the antibiotic has a bitter taste; if you refrigerate it, the cat might like that better -- but you don't have to refrigerate it. The antibiotic is now in my fridge.)

I asked if cat acne just happens, or if there was a cause, so that I could blame the cat sitters for this. Vet said it pretty much happens. Although, after I mentioned that the cat barfed a bit while I was away and was pretty clingy when I got back, the vet thought that the acne might have been caused by stress 'cause I was gone.

Shit. It's not supposed to be my fault.

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