Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knock wood and all that

Looks like they've safely moved the Southeastern edge of the fire into uninhabited areas. It's still a ten-mile front, which is just scary in a purely objective sense, but it doesn't look like there's much life at risk -- nor any risk to my area of town, which is all good.

I note the two good things which have come from this fire:

1. I learned that LA County has a Reverse 911 system (to send out robocalls in the event of an emergency) but that, since I have no actual landline, I needed to register for it. I now have my MagicJack, cellphone, and email address all linked up to the Reverse 911 -- so I'll totally be notified in the event of an actual emergency.

2. Got a collar for the cat. She's been chipped all along, but the safety provided by the chip -- should she get out -- is dependent upon the person finding her taking her to Animal Control to get her scanned. Which sort of means they have know the possibility exists (which I didn't, before I got the cat). Now the cat has a collar and a tag, so if she happens to flee out an open door, anyone finding her will know she's not a stray, and will be able to call me. And the cat has gotten used to it in, really, no time. Even the bell. I think she likes that she now provides her own soundtrack.

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