Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weird Moments in Cat Ownership

I've (repeatedly) mentioned the cat.

I've also mentioned the collar, and speculated (it's so hard to know with cats) that she may actually like it.

This morning, Jasmine was lying on her perch. And I saw something on the floor beside said perch. Upon examination, said item was revealed to be her collar. It's a quick-release collar that is designed to snap open if you pull on it hard enough. (Cat collars are designed to either snap open or stretch open, in case the cat gets them caught on something. This prevents the cat from strangling itself with its own collar.) And clearly Jasmine figured out how to release it. Well, there goes that. No more cat collar.

I picked it up, snapped it back together.

OK, here's the weird part: Jasmine stood up and lifted her head at me, like she wanted me to put the collar back on her. And then she stood still while I did.

Went to work; came home -- collar still on cat, even though she now knows how to remove it.

I'm stunned. Had I known she'd like the collar so much, I wouldn't have waited for six years (and a massive fire too close for comfort) to try one on her.


Peg said...

Collar = accessory. Girl cat and all.

Wil said...

Keep her away from your jewelry...