Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cat Doping Update

I've done the liquid antibiotic thing three times, and each time got the wild mouth reaction, and I now have a tentative conclusion on what's going on.

I think she doesn't like the antibiotic, but I think her little walnut-sized brain hasn't figured out that the best way to keep me from giving her the antibiotic is to keep her mouth closed. Here's what I think is happening: I've refrigerated the medicine to eliminate the bitter taste. So, it's cold. I fill the dropper with medicine and place the cold glass dropper next to her mouth. Cat does not like a cold glass dropper next to her mouth, so her feline reflexes kick in and she tries to bite it. Thereby opening her mouth and facilitating my plan. Bwah ha ha.

Just as long as she doesn't run and hide from me when I take out the medicine in the first place, I think we can get through this.

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