Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Set of Ireland Pics

(Come on, little router, keep holding that connection.)

So, the day after that was when I went to the Aran Islands and saw the big stone fort at the edge of the really cool cliffs.

That's my shoe there -- wanted to show you just how close we're allowed to get to the cliffs.

Also took a snap of a thatched roof house...

And a pic of the land in general - the bits that are all stone and not at all arable.

The next day was when we went to the other 15th Century Tower -- this one had been restored.

After we all exchanged pictures, I got hold of the kayaking pics from a few days back.  Here's me:

And here's all of our kayakers (except Nancy, the photographer) neatly lined up in flotilla form:

And I leave you with the "party bus," celebrating Arthur's Day

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